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The GreenCAT mobile app helps visitors manage their time more effectively and efficiently at exhibitions. Discover all the app features like getting catalogs digitally on your account, making annotations on pages, sharing this data with your colleagues on social platform etc. all using your existing smartphone.

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Digital Catalogs

Get all registered catalogs digitally on your smartphone using our QR reader with all product information, description, contact information etc.


When you do not want the entire catalog, simply take an image of the desired page and make customized annotations using our app features.

Catalog Finder

Where QR codes are not available as in unregistered catalogs, use our Catalog Finder and the app will search for the catalog on the world wide web.


Easily find and manage your business contacts through GreenCAT where you can share catalogs and annotations with each other.

GreenCAT App Features

The app is loaded with features that help visitors make the most of their time and resources during an exhibition, and empower them post the exhibition by keeping data collected handy.

  • Devices

    Our app works on smartphones as well as tablets and iPads.

  • Languages

    Our app is available in English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin.

  • Offline

    Our app is designed to work even without a data connection when roaming.

  • Free Download

    Our app is completely free for the visitor to download and use.

greencat interface on ipad
  • Recall

    Easily find a saved catalog using location, company name, product, date etc.

  • Corporate Profile

    View the profile a particular company and download all their product catalogs.

  • Share

    Share catalogs and pages with your colleagues including the annotations.

  • Web Platform

    Login to your account using our web platform to view your content.

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A whole new way to visit exhibitions

Get the GreenCAT app on your mobile and experience an exhibition like never before.

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