• GreenCAT for Exhibitors

  • Great lead generation tool

  • Free to use

  • Powerful paper saving tool

Use the GreenCAT Web Platform to boost your outreach

GreenCAT for Exhibitors

The platform helps address your needs as an exhibiting business for your exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, road shows and other sales & marketing activities. We provide the following:

Free to Upload

Sign up and upload your catalogs / brochures in a few easy steps and be digitally ready for the world.

Lead Generation

Have your visitor profiles available digitally and remove the need to exchange business cards.

Stay Connected

Be empowered to stay engaged with your visitors as soon as they download your business.

Auto Emailers

Setup auto-emailers for follow ups, compliments to your client / visitors who scan your catalog.

Point of Contact

Set and update the point of contacts for your product catalogs giving visitors direct access.

Update Catalogs

Update your product catalog in real time across all visitors who have collected a previous version.


View user details by product catalogs to measure performance across locations and industries.


Get industry trends and analytics instantly to measure performance with competitors and the industry.

GreenCAT Interface

Catch a quick preview of our web platform for exhibitors and businesses.

greencat interface on ipad

This is just the start!

We have a lot of features planned in the future. We aim to be the leading global exhibition technology provider to make life simpler and more productive for exhibition organizers, exhibitors and visitors.

More importantly, we thrive on making the industry more environmentally friendly, and our first steps towards this goal is reducing the usage of paper and waste generation at the exhibitions.

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