About GreenCAT


The GreenCAT idea started off when after visiting multiple exhibitions and collecting, sorting, shipping and storing catalogs of interest back at the office, we had to deploy our colleagues to extract relevant data all of which was time consuming, we always found a mismatch in the information which made it difficult to recall, and in most cases, we totally forgot about the relevance of things. On later events when we tried to recover a catalog, we could never find the relevant one.

We regretted that we spent our time, resources to visit an exhibition, collected data, contacts, catalogs, necessary to our needs, bought this information back, but the usage yield was never worth the effort. Thus, veining our interest of trying to visit an exhibition again and again.

Looking for a solution to make our go to exhibition experience more productive and interactive, we came up with the idea which we have converted into a platform where in we hope to benefit everyone.

When a tree is wantonly cut down, its voice rings from end of the earth to the other. Do no destry trees. A man's life is sustained by trees. Just as others planted for you, plan for the sake of your children.

Our Mission

We at GreenCAT believe there is no B2C. Everything is B2B, every customer is a business. We thrive to be the leading B2B solution provider to the global economy as we endeavour to save paper, save trees and save the world.

Meet the Team

The founding members of GreenCAT includes a diverse set of profiles with a common vision that will help the business focus on all the different aspects.

Amol Khanekar
Pranay Goel
Ashish Agarwal
Kunal Agarwal
Co-Founder and C.T.O.
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